Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Common Body

Just uploaded an entry on "Body" for Nonsite Collective & its growing list of glossary entries, where terms are defined, undefined, mixed, remixed, and so forth--a process of continual making and remaking going on here, as on the site (purposefully communal) generally. This comes on the heels of Occultations, a "project," in some sense, of commoning a body--mine--and of archiving. Hence, these are proceeding questions, or questions that spider out in light of various somatic practices that include enactments of language. It's a coming back to (for me) not just "the politics of" but "political action towards." It also comes prior to a reading & talk for Nonsite I'm giving as part of the summer series of events: July 24-5. As part of a process of re-engaging with a kind of activism, I'm interested to hear from any of you about what you take "the body" to mean. What can the term come to mean? Please bring it on, either here or via email backchannel. 

Relatedly, check out David Buuck's "novelisations," specifically his body pressure somatic, or procedure. Video. Excellent. 

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