Friday, September 10, 2010

4-Day Leslie Scalapino Tribute @ The Delirious Hem

Check out The Delirious Hem, this quite wonderful constellation of writers responding online to the life & work of Leslie Scalapino. Edited by Cara Benson, Elizabeth Bryant, and Kathy Wagner. 4 days of work from multiple generations of writers. From the intro:

We honor her passing and celebrate her not ever passing.

"not anticipating, as in happiness -- running out -- before is happy, something occurring does not change that then. experiencing being happy is in the present, that it will be. (Is in the future then, at the same time.)" LS, Zither & Autobiography

Reading Leslie Scalapino is/as an altering act/event. We invited those who knew her and/or her work to write alongside/simultaneously to/of/on her/her writing as tribute. What follows here and in three previous posts is what came. We are grateful to know that her writing will live on in the world, in us, and will continue to be written and spoken about. We thank everyone who responded. We thank Tom White. We thank Tracy Grinnell. Most of all, of course, we thank Leslie.

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