Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Overdue Report: 20th Annual Subterranean Poetry Festival

So much thanks to Anne Gorrick and curators of the 20th Annual Subterranean Poetry Festival for inviting me to perform pieces from Occultations there. And many thanks to Sam Truitt, who not only drove me there, but performed the 2nd voice of "modular arterial cacophony." Did so very inventively, if I may say. Many highlights to the event, from Maryrose Larkin's reading from her new book to (my favorite) George Quasha's Axial drumming. Of course, the venue itself, an abandoned mine cave in upstate New York is the highlight. My only regret was not having time to go scout the place ahead of time, and to utilize it as an INCREDIBLE acoustic space. One especially apt combination was the cave and fellow Black Radish Books author Cara Benson, who performed work thusly .

By the by, here's Quasha's filming of friend & collaborator (who did the fire ritual in Occultations) Kythe Heller. Rather beautiful. And it gets you to some of Quasha's other work via his channel. Mind you, both Heller and Quasha are really live experiences, are as much spaces/places as people--by that I mean living places to be & become, and so film doesn't quite get at what happens here.

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