Monday, September 20, 2010

New Dusie

From Susana Gardner, curator of Dusie, & one of the editors of Black Radish Books. The new Dusie is out. Marthe Reed states, regarding this latest doozy (oh, that was bad): 

The newest incarnation of Dusie Kollektiv is now live. Dusie Kollektiv 4 features work requiring the use of re/upcycled materials in the production of its chaps -- paper, texts, even money! Edited by Susana Gardner with assistance from Paul Klinger and Marthe Reed. Webpages by Marthe Reed, Dusie Teaparty by Zeke KalishReed.

The poets featured are Samar Abulhassan, Cara Benson, Elizabeth Bryant, Mackensie Carignan, meredith Clark, Shanna Compton, Juliet Cook, Sarah Anne Cox, Michelle Detorie, Finegan Ferreboeuf, Susana Gardner, Jesse Glass Michalle Gould, Arielle Guy, j/j hastain, jared hayes, Jen Hofer, Carrie Hunter, Paul Klinger, Mark Lamoureux, Dana Teen Lomax, Nicole Mauro, Marci Nelligan, Anna Moschakovis, Francis Raven, Marthe Reed, Kaia Sand, Kathrin Schaeppi, Elizabeth Treadwell, Catherine Wagner, Rachel Warriner, and Vincent Zompa. 

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