Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wheelhouse Chap Tracers by Uche Nduka, Featured @ Daily S-Press

Daily S-Press, a vital source of news, reviews, & features on recently released books, anthologies, & journals in text arts, just featured Uche Nduka's Wheelhouse Press chapbook, Tracers. This is a MUST-READ, says Wheelhouse. Says me. Freely downloadable. So check out the feature here. And then check out the chapbook here. Or perhaps start with the chapbook, then read the feature? Thanks very much to editor Dorothee Lang, who is a machine (a deeply creative, talented, and kind one at that) in getting features up and running at Daily S-Press. Not to mention her work as editor of the very fine journal of writing and art, The BluePrint Review. A snippet from the feature:

Tracers - Uche Nduka (Wheelhouse)

as bait for transparency
break a token
break a token.
into a palimpsest isn't where we're sent.
dust comes bearing truth.

Nduka new chapbook Tracers is a carefully posed collision of extraordinarily contemporary linguistic forms with ancient myth, science, and alchemy elude both the languages of national border and lament: Tracers conjures "seizures of steam to contend with," engages the catastrophe of globalization with strange and destructive joy. This is a recuperation of that which we have yet to name.

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