Friday, September 10, 2010

Wheelhouse Magazine 9 is Now LIVE

Dear Friends,

It is with pleasure and relief--the work here delayed more than once by personal medical detours--to announce the release of Wheelhouse Magazine, Issue 9, with special re-release of the PRESS 2009 Activism & The Avant-Garde Anthology. We're extremely thankful to the contributors for making Wheelhouse 9  & The PRESS Anthology an alive thing, a living organism, an "organism that literature demands," as Mallarme' wrote long ago; and we're thankful to you, our readers, for your patience and your continual support.

We'd also like to extend our thanks to those artists who submit their work for consideration. You drive the magazine, as nearly all the work we publish is from an open submissions process--that we do so is one of our missions as a magazine and as an arts Collective. Many of you have yet to hear back on work submitted some time ago, and this, again, is due to unforeseen delays. We're getting there. But in the meantime, thank you for your patience and your work.

Wheelhouse 9 is full of work that matters. Insurrections are diverse and yet themes run throughout (unplanned, of course). Aesthetic responses/interventions into non-poetic waters: globalization, gender subjugation, language-as-tool-of power and yet also medium of becoming. One odd theme that's emerged is Philadelphia. Was this an unconscious prelude to our next issue, a special feature on The New Philadelphia Poets? Probably not, as that feature was conceived long after much of this work was accepted for publication. But Philly writers abound, as does the city itself within works that are from writers scattered around the globe, as in David Brazil's "Meet Me Under the War Angels" excerpt, a work not to be missed. Well. Without further ado, from the Wheelhouse main page:

Wheelhouse Magazine Issue 9 features work by Rachel Zolf, Tina Darragh, Ben Friedlander, Barbara Jane Reyes, Stephen Cope, Sara Larsen, David Brazil, CJ Martin, Michael Leong, Dorothee Lang, Karyn Eisler, Lawrence Eisler, Kathrin Schaeppi, Dana Teen Lomax, Caleb Puckett, Maika Pollack, Heller Levinson, Donald Dunbar, Anne Gorrick, Cami Park, Paul Siegell, Donora Hillard, Sam Lohmann, Frances Raven, Jen Tynes, Maryam Gunja, Adam Fieled, Robert Mittenthal, William Allegrezzza, Julian Brolaski, Mark Lamoureux, and Brenda Iijima

New & Forthcoming Chapbooks: Look out for chapbooks soon forthcoming by Stan Apps, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, James Maugn, Eileen Tabios, Laura Carter, Felino Soriano, and Geoffrey Gatza. In the meantime, we're thrilled to announce the publication of poet Uche Nduka's new chapbook, Tracers. Now available through Wheelhouse Press as a freely downloadable-ebook, Tracers was designed and typeset by Wheelhouse editor Kate Robinson, with cover-image designed by Spartaco Margioni.  We're extremely honored to feature Nduka's new work here, as well as on Good Reads.  Enjoy. Uche Nduka was born and brought up in Nigeria. His books include Flower Child (1988), Second Act (1994), The Bremen Poems (1995), Chiaroscuro (which won the Association of Nigerian Authors Poetry Prize for 1997), If Only TheNight (2003), Heart’s Field (2005) and eel on reef (2007). Nduka has lived in Holland and Germany. He presently lives and works in New York City.

Million Writers Award: Wheelhouse Magazine contributor Summer Block won the 2010 Million Writers Award, 1st Prize Overall, for her prose piece "Hospitality" (Issue No. 8). Many thanks to Jason Sanford, the judges, and Story South, for nominating the story as one of their top ten of the web of 2009, and to readers for voting for Summer's piece as their top pick.

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