Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On Silliman's Blog Today

Thanks much to Ron Silliman for featuring CA Conrad's PhillySound feature on my new book Occultations, forthcoming work, etc. For all the work Conrad, Rob Halpern, Brenda Ijima, J. Townsend, Thom Donovan, & Jules Boykoff put into it, I'm glad to see it getting some air.  There's also links to other really good features, including a link to recordings of the Bay Area Labor Day celebration of, and discussion around, work & labor  - a gathering I posted about below; Bhanu Kapil on "duplicate territory"; and a fascinating conversation with Tyrone Williams. Check the content out. 

ps: check out CA Conrad's new Mina Loy (Soma)tic over at his (Soma)tic Poetry Exercises blog  HERE. Trying it out muself tomorrow.


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  2. I really enjoyed CA Conrad's interview. Some thoughts on Philly poetry on my blog, after the NPP reading at Elfreth's Alley... on what I think of as 'radical contemporaneity,' a post-millennial eclectic break with ancient lust for 'immortality.'


    ...and thanks for the link.

  3. Hey, just noticed this and gave ya a shout out a while back, having noticed yr post way before noticing this post--obviously. Great blog & work. Solidarity, & thanks again, dw