Friday, December 10, 2010

Tripwire Relaunched!

It's a pleasure for me to pass along information that Tripwire, founded by Yedda Morrison and David Buuck, is relaunching. Tripwire was, and now will be, an important, innovative poetics journal that ran until 2002. It arguably changed the landscape for small presses/journals in that the work and editorial foci always combined to break a lot of ground with regard to critical-creative intervention, rethinking what politically-engaged "essaying" and "aesthetic production" can amount to for a journal--and beyond. I heard a little rumbling last year that this might happen, and so now that it has, I'm sort of popping out of my shoes posting this. From David Buuck's blog, below, the announcement. Check out Tripwire on FB and like it.

Last, before you read the below: remember that Rob Halpern's giving the Poetry Center's George Oppen Memorial Lecture--so if in the bay area, or near it, do check it out (info a couple posts below this one).

Again, from Buuck's blog:

Tripwire is relaunching in 2011, with new issues, free downloads from back issues, and a new translation microgrant. Tripwire, a journal of poetics, was founded in 1998 by Yedda Morrison and David Buuck. Six issues were published between 1998-2002, with a special supplement published in September, 2004 for the RNC protests in New York. Please check the site for more info, becomeFB friends, check out the back issues & submission pages, purchase/donate, etc!

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