Sunday, December 12, 2010

Maximus Marathon in Portland

From co-host of this event, The Switch, a heads up. I hope to see you for some of the Maximus Marathon in Portland. THE SPARE ROOM COLLECTIVE, who graciously hosted me for a reading a while back, and which I've written on here quite often, is the other host. Several Wheelhouse contributors, PRESS participants, and other fantastic poets will be dancing with Olson's book book. Off to NY later in the week, so I'll likely be there the 14-15 of Jan. Anyway, announcement put out by The Spare Room and The Switch reproduced in part below. Head to either site for more, other, and current info.

On Friday, January 14th, The Switch is co-hosting the kickoff day, of a marathon reading of poet Charles Olson's Maximus. It is a three day event in Portland, to commemorate Olson's hundredth birthday.Friday, Jan. 14th

4:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Olson's Maximus Marathon, Day 1, Vol. 1
poets & artists to be announced

Here is the release about the marathon:

Dear friends,

On January 14th, 15th and 16th of 2011, in commemoration of his 100th birthday, the Spare Room Collective in Portland, Oregon, will host a three-day marathon reading of Charles Olson's book-length epic, The Maximus Poems. We will read Volume 1 on the 14th, the second volume (IV, V, VI) on the 15th, and Volume 3 on the 16th.

Olson centennial events and conferences have also been held this year in Vancouver, British Columbia; Gloucester, Massachusetts; and Buffalo, New York. Olson was a teacher at Black Mountain College, the experimental arts school which also counted John Cage, Robert Creeley, and Robert Rauschenberg among its teachers and students.

The readings will take place at the following times and locations:

Maximus Volume 1 @ Switchyard Studios Friday January 14th 4-9pm

IV, V, VI @ galleryHOMELAND Saturday January 15th 2-7pm

Volume 3 @ YU Contemporary Sunday January 16th 2-7pm

Readers include:
Jesse Morse, Jennifer Bartlett, Zachary Schomburg, Dan Raphael, Laura Feldman, Michael Weaver, James Yeary, David Abel, Alicia Cohen, Sam Lohmann, Jaye Harris, Donald Dunbar, John Hall, Susan Rankin, Rodney Koeneke, Endi Bogue Hartigan, Lisa Radon, Linda Austin, Tim DuRoche, Pat Hartigan, Mere Blankenship, Joseph Mains, Jamalieh Haley

Switchyard Studios
109 SE Salmon St

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