Monday, December 20, 2010

New Year's Resolution Reading List & Kaia Sand's Remember to Wave

Ok, enough with the lists! But no. First, I am surprised that Remember to Wave by Kaia Sand, one of my favorite books I've read, period, is a 2010 release. I thought 2009, and that I listed it last year as such--also NO--so didn't include it in my No Tell Motel list of recommended titles from 2010. This is partly Arun Chandra's fault--my musical composer friend and collaborator--since he's borrowed it. But I should have looked it up. My apologies, Kaia. If you're reading this post (the other you, not Kaia) and haven't read this Tinfish title, do so--it's a rich, and, I feel, exciting book (as I noted recently in writing on Laura Elrick's Stalk).

Also. I confess that there are dozens of books I'd like to buy. Unique as I often am, desire unfulfilled, plus listing books I've read and loved this year, got me thinking about what ten books of the dozens I've window shopped and said "I want that" and I daydream about, wondering often: "what's inside that thing?" I am resolved, as per late capitalist guideline 2104A (see further the Cable News Act of 1992 and the FCC's Television Advertising Volume Act of 2001), to do, which is to say to buy, some thing or things that are "good for me." That will, in the sense that this vaguely Christian notion implies, better me. This we call the New Year's Resolution. A rule nearly as lawlike, to be followed almost to the letter, nearly as iron clad, as the corporate messaging that's implied it. So, what 10 books that have come out in the past year am I hereby resolved to purchase? Which, in seriousness means should get as holiday gift to another but will instead purchase by my birthday and keep and cherish and read and most likely fall for? In no particular order:

1) Michael Cross, Haecceities from Cuneiform Books
2) Lisa Robertson, R's Boat, U of California Press
3) N. Stephens, We Press Ourselves Plainly, Nightboat
4) Chris McCreary, Undone: a fakebook, Furniture Press (which published the highly recommended, really amazing 2009 Directions for Flying by Emily Carr, see our interview & review in the "reviews" sidebar link to the right to read it)
5) Laura Moriarty, A Tonalist, Nightboat
6) Tyrone Williams, The Hero Project of the Century, The Backwaters Press
7) Elizabeth Bryant, (nevertheless enjoyment, Quale Press
8) Eileen Myles, Inferno, OR Books
9) Bhanu Kapil, Humanimal, Kelsey Street Press
10) Tonya Foster, A Swarm of Bees in High Court (forth.), Belladonna Books/Futurepoem, 2011

Here's to hoping that in the next 6 months I get a raise. I read slowly, so nearly two books a month feels about right. I'd love some suggestions. Because I also don't get out much.


  1. David--it was supposed to be 2009, but ran over a bit, so we pt 2010 on it cuz that was temporally correct.
    See you in late Feb!

  2. ah, i do remember it was during the new year period, around then give or take a month--that makes sense. well, it's beautiful and important for 09, 10, 11... pick a year. have a great time teaching out there, and all else-- yes, feb! see you then. aloha, d