Sunday, November 21, 2010

from Hospitalogy (in-progress)

Border Crossings

Best Western, Eugene OR, Nov 11, 2010


x or y,

id imagine

this ekphrastic

apology as shared

best western

oil wants.

(low impressionism

with a hi-fi feeling:

resolute nose /

gay skin grafts to

swaths of bloom

like my xes bodys

inner wish is

a west banks


constitution, its page


as of yet no


(charter for a


of senses, design-

nation ephemeral)

ive allways been

a femme tuckd

performing jim

lehrer never

re-assigned, some

times whitmans

civil soldiers felld

gives one hope.

like yr wish

for strategic gunfire

on this lurching cog,

for a desird maiming


to be one

by erasure

or an-other,

to be that held who

not in the frame.

a dis-membering /

a surgical proposition

theres mauve here, some spit,

off white, why not re-cover

in xis arms

to speak visible?

this line is yr potential

for now the here

opens as a fixd


an armory pro-duces

lasers that retro-fit

only parts like hands

to paint with,

hewn road in black-

green, a boring scene

of aversion

where ad place-

meant is fore-grounded.

but a high yield _____

those who listen

to the torsional

birth of certainties

inside that tissue

sequencer, fortune

cookie, hammard

wedge, a thousand

incessant blows driven

darwin wrote of

will have us passd all this

then, before the dock

jammed up with damaged

strykers & rats

reservd for want of work

in need of want,

no a no name

thing, a life

as elliptical

as a motel body

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