Saturday, November 27, 2010

New from Black Radish Books: Kathrin Schaeppi's Sonja Sekula...

Kathrin Schaeppi's new poetry collection from Black Radish Books is now available: Sonja Sekula, Grace in a Cow's Eye: A Memoir. Wheelhouse Magazine (Issue 9) featured excerpts from this wonderful book. So for a teaser, take a look. The book is beautifully designed by Schaeppi, a book artist, with each page responding to artist Sonja Sekula by way of performative text. Sonja, while involving a great deal of visual arts (I hesitate to call the typographical moves "visual poetry") does not ever feel to me gratuitous. At times the book is achingly lyrical, retaining at every turn a spirit of fervent experimentation. Sonja is also a deeply original book; and by this I mean it doesn't read quite like anything I've come across. Schaeppi is a detail person too, nothing haphazard, and I know this from experience, the poet having helped early on with Occultations, giving me some great advice on layout etc. So, do check Sonja out. Dive right in. More on this work in the next week or so as Wheelhouse shines a spotlight on it (cf the Wheelhouse Spotlights writeup for David Brazil's Meet Me Under The War Angels below, also excerpted for Issue 9).

Books also from Black Radish include Occultations (full print run coming soon!), Mark Lamoureux's Spectre, and Marthe Reed's Gaze. Several titles are in the works for 2011 and beyond. For further info, check out the Black Radish blog and website.

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