Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rachel Zolf's PRESS Reading/Q&A Now Available For Download

Here's the audio recording of Rachel Zolf's PRESS reading. Opening for her is upcoming & very talented poet out of Seattle, Paige Clifton-Steele. The reading includes what I think is a rich discussion (Q&A) at end.

This recording is going to be edited down a bit and put into its own, direct link, and put up at the PRESS blog.

For now, press "download" to download the reading/Q&A thru Google Docs. You'll need a google docs/reader capability to do so. Many thanks to Rik Kedziorski, one of the editors of Slighty West, Evergreen's lit journal, for helping with the reading in my absence, including handling the recording of the event.


Speaking of readings, check out this awesomeness. From, and at, SPT.

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