Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hey, Look at This...

Bumped into this beauty:

Flying Guillotine Press's Apocalypse Anthology. PDF version. Read (and print) to your heart's content. Speaking of content, so far perusing the content, I'm again reminded why I go online and look for something, usually poetry or criticism, to read before doing anything else (a morning, sometimes afternoon, ritual). Also, I met one of the contributing editors of Flying Guillotine a couple years ago when I was a reader for King/Bozicevic's (and now others'--curatorially) Stain of Poetry Series. At that time it was a very new press, like months old, and so I wrote down the name of it on a napkin to remind myself to look it up later on. I still have that napkin. I'll scan it in if you don't believe me... Speaking of Stain, napkins, and Flying Guillotine (a probable combo), I have been meaning to get curator Steven Karl's (Ir)rational Animals, which hopefully sees another print run at some point, having sold out.

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