Monday, November 29, 2010

Others Letters @ WHOF

Thom Donovan's new project, "Others Letters," is now live. According to the website, accessible on its own and thru Donovan's oft-cited WHOF blog, Others Letters "publishes the correspondences of contemporaries in order to reflect current practices in writing, art, and other forms of cultural production." As I've said to Thom in responding that I hope to contribute some correspondence in the near future, I'm really interested in this project which ostensibly hopes to bring the blog/interactive website in closer proximity to commoning. Or in any case to reimagine the commoning potential of online cultural production, by and through turning the usually private public, blurring that distinction. First up is fascinating correspondence between Stephanie Young and Dan Thomas-Glass--revolving around Deep Oakland's hosting and support of Thomas-Glass's and Aaron Sachs's 880. Check it out. And check out the WHOF archive for further description of Others Letters.

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