Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Somatic Poetry Exercise... on a bus....

Mainly for my students--who, beyond doing a week on somatics & poetry, also last year took over the 41 Bus & turned it into a weekly poetry reading venue--here's CA Conrad's wonderful new (soma)tic poetry exercise. Try it on the 41!


  1. Did your students get on the 41 and do impromptu readings?

  2. Hey Amber-- yes! they did, and did so once a week regularly, which sort of happened organically after looking at PACE, Boykoff/Sand, Conrad's somatics... they'd do the readings on the way to class, tightly choreographed too! take care--thanks for the shout out re Hospitalogy, which isn't yet out, but the chap, parts of it as a sampler, should be sometime soon. xo/d