Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Am My Own Scab

Unlikely (tho still possible) to be able to get to AWP this year and read, research (Wheelhouse and Evergreen both co-host the PRESS Series, which takes place on Evergreen's campus, arguably a valuable service for students who are interested in writing), etc., as part of my so-called professional development as a faculty member (going on 5 yrs) at Evergreen--- as I just found out that I got $0.00 from the Activity Grants committee, which is unusual in relation to the activity I was asking small money to offset travel in order to carry out. Not that my work is any great shakes, but the ask was so low to begin with, where the cmte could easily have thrown the proverbial bone of a couple hundred bucks. Odd, too, since I'm hearing of others getting several night hotel stays plus travel for research trips, etc. Well, the contingency of us visiting faculty ("visiting" faculty at Evergreen does not mean what it sounds like: most have taught fully and regularly at Evergreen for, on average, something like 7 years and are unlikely to be asked not to return--so aren't "visitors" in any way beyond less pay/benefits/security)*, adjuncts full and part time, etc., and corporatization in general, is at issue here. As is the devaluation of creative writing pedagogy, potentially. As are the politics at any university. Anyone with me? Anyone had a similar experience? Anyone finally sick of the two-tiered system at work at Corporate Universities? And lack of transparency? I have no idea, for instance, who was on the cmte beyond admin, and I have, in essence, to "apply" to find out why no monies were allocated--that info should be available as part of the initial denial of funds, given the small number of faculty who apply, let alone teach, at Evergreen. So, has anyone experienced similar? I'd bet any of you who teach and read this have. Feel free to say so as comment to this post. Anonymously if you desire. Then I'll forward the batch to the cmte, and not use yr names if you desire to stay anonymous for said letter.


*this was an even more egregious phenomenon prior to our first union contract 3 years ago, the winning of which triggered the regular conversion of 3 visiting faculty into tenure-track regular faculty for each contract cycle.


  1. Cosign. Give David a ticket or the expected-alumni-contribution gets it.

    -Msr Wm. Mikey Owen

    [ps - send a powem?]

  2. Support your own teachers! Don't give way to passive-aggressive techniques! Take a stand!