Sunday, March 14, 2010

Belladonna Release Party & Upcoming Readings

Thanks to Rachel Levitsky, Thom Donovan, and all the awesome folks at Belladonna Books, I'll be reading as part of the final Belladonna New Books/New Releases series, April 13.  This is the launch for my forthcoming book, Occultations (Black Radish Books).  I'm extremely lucky to have had the support of the Belladonna folks, as well as others who have written for the book in some way or another thus far--Joan Retallack, Thom, David Buuck, CA Conrad, Kate Robinson, and Laura Elrick.  It's been a really loving experience, both working with the aforementioned people on this project, as well as those in Black Radish Books, especially Susana Gardner, Kathrin Schaeppi, and Nicole Mauro, who have been and are still editing the work.  Plus, thru this experience I got to learn how to use Skype--which is my new favorite thing.

More exciting yet, I get to read alongside, thus hear new work from Eleni Stecopolous, Dottie Lasky, and Brenda Iijima.  Three people whose poetry has deeply influenced mine.  Three of the the loveliest people I know.  As I've written elsewhere, I've read bits and pieces of Eleni's and Brenda's new books, and am enamored.  And Dottie's  new work will come new to my ears, and so I'm pretty stoked about hearing what all have to contribute to the evening.  Trip home will be a heavy one: books, books, books.  

Anyway, info for the Belladonna reading is on their website and below.  Do visit their site, as not only are some of the most stunning books available there to purchase, but there is a complete reading series list, which includes events at AWP.  

Meantime, I'll be reading/giving a talk with Reg Johanson at Pilot Books this weekend (see post below) as part of the Poetry at Pilot events, and Big Pelt Talkie series.   

Hope to see you someplace soon.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010; 7:30 pm
Closing Event for Belladonna's
Year of New Releases

Dorothea Lasky
 (Black Life)
Brenda Iijima (revv. you’ll—ution & 
If Not Metamorphic 
Eleni Stecopoulos (Armies of Compassion
David Wolach (Occultations 
Dixon Place
161 Christie Street; New York City

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