Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poetry/Poetics Notes: Marthe Reed's Gaze Reviewed, Talk Excerpt Now Online

Got home from teaching my first class of the semester this evening to proof-review copies of Occultations from the new press and collective, Black Radish Books, the books having arrived via UPS in a rather unassuming box.  Though there are some small things we're still tweaking, this small print run for advanced reviews prior to the larger run made available thru SPD, etc, is basically the book.  And I am really pleased with the work Susana Gardner (cover) and Kate Robinson (interior) did, really quite enamored of their work.  The book, I dare say, looks great. I'll take these with me to New York, send a few to the lovely folks who are so far reviewing it, and then wait till end of April for the rest to hit bookstores.  If you're interested in a copy, feel free to email me backchannel; I'll happily reserve one for you.  

Again, a huge thank you to those who wrote blurbs for the book: Thom Donovan, Laura Elrick, David Buuck, CA Conrad, and Joan Retallack.  And to those at Belladonna who are curating its release.   


Speaking of Black Radish Books, the first book (my book is the second), Gaze, by wonderful poet Marthe Reed, is just about to be officially published, and just garnered a really right-on short review over at New Pages.  Find the review here.  Very cool--congrats to Marthe on this book.  I'll review it here as well, once the book comes out and circulates.


For any of you interested in the talk Reg Johanson and I gave at Pilot Books for the Poetry at Pilot Small Press Fest (as part of Big Pelt Talkie reading series), video excerpts are now online at Pilot's website.  Enjoy.


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