Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Speaking of Wheelhouse Comrades...

Thom Donovan, author of Make Believe (Wheelhouse Press, 2009), has just had his interview with artist Guy Ben-Ner published in BOMB.  The interview is fascinating for two reasons, or, one contiguous reason in the form of ongoing conversation/investigation.  Ben-Ner, maker of amazing short films that interrogate inner-outer/domestic space-the loneliness therein/the politics of family and friendship/the shipwreck of political catastrophe, is probably best known for his films "Wild Boy" and "Berkley's Island."  It's the latter that Thom wrote thru, as ekphrastic (or intertextual) poetry, the poem sequence becoming one part of Make Believe.  Check both out. Between the chapbook, the films, and the interview, you'll have enough brain food to last you the better part of your alienated workday.  

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