Friday, March 12, 2010

The Red Room: Writings from PRESS 1 Available Now

Thanks to poet-editors Arlene Ang and Jordan Schilling, the journal PRESS 1's first anthology of selected contributions, is now available for purchase here thru Amazon, and, I believe, SPD. I have just ordered the book, so more on its contents as it arrives.  But for now, a thank you to the editors.  PRESS 1, over the past few years, has put out several issues that combine image and text by introducing poets and visual artists to one another on the page.  So this aught to be a lovely 1st print collection.  An old poem from a manuscript I'm still tinkering with, called Of Some Velocity, appears in the journal.  This manuscript I come back to now and then and will probably for some time--as part, I think, of Prefab Eulogies (the larger project), Of Some Velocity has so far not died on the vine.  Anyhow, congrats to Arlene and Jordan and thanks for their hard work. 

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