Friday, March 12, 2010

New Work in Venereal Kittens

I've got 3 poems up in the latest Venereal Kittens, edited by amazing poet Matina Stamatakis. 2 poems from Prefab Eulogies, another from an in-progress m.s., Hospitalogy. All three are by way of correspondence: with Kythe Heller, and then as proprioceptive writing exercises (described at beginning of "example of a chapbook," in Prefab Eulogies), engaged with work from Linh Dinh and Sam Truitt.  

Beyond the fact that I love a great deal of the poetry in this journal, I love its name. "Wheelhouse."  "The [insert university name here] Review."  Ok.  But "Venereal Kittens!" Really, how can you beat that? Many thanks to Matina, who also wrote a lovely short review of my chapbook book alter(ed), much of which is now one part of my forth. Occultations.  And, whose own work, co-authored with John Moore Williams, Xenomorphia, was published last year by Wheelhouse Press (available online).  Enjoy.

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