Friday, March 12, 2010

PRESS EVENT: Poet Robert Mittenthal @ The Evergreen State College

It's been a shit storm of finishing the proofs of two large books, the new issue of Wheelhouse (along with some amazing new Wheelhouse chapbooks), and, of course, feeling poorly--and so blogging has been the first thing to go.  

I will, however, get around to writing about the AMAZING reading, set of workshops, and potluck that involved CA Conrad's visit to Olympia as part of our ongoing series, PRESS.  As Conrad's visit demands its own longer write-up, I'll get to that shortly.  For now:

As the final PRESS event (not to be confused with the PRESS 1 anthology below--two different ventures), writer and Evergreen student William Owen spearheaded the effort to bring one of Seattle's SubText heros and longtime poet, Robert Mittenthal, to The Evergreen State College.  This will coincide with the end of our semester here at the College.  We'll pick back up next semester with visits from Cara Benson, David Abel, and a bit farther down the road, Eleni Stecopolous and Rachel Zolf.  I've been a fan of Robert's work--critical, creative, the melding of poetry and poetics, as well as his curatorial efforts--for a long time now.  So, this should be great fun.  Info below.  Please come, and spread the word!

PRESS, Wheelhouse Magazine & Press, & Experiments in Text present a talk and reading by Robert Mittenthal.

Saturday, March 13th
The Evergreen State College, Sem 2 Building A1107
3PM, free & open to the public.

Robert Mittenthal is author of Value Unmapped (Nomados), Martyr Economy, Ready Terms (Tsunami Editions), and the forthcoming Wax World (Chax).  Irrational Dude, a chapbook of collaborative work with Nico Vassilakis, was recently published by tir aux pigeons (  He lives in Seattle where he has been a curator of the Subtext Reading Series. A new blog is at

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