Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FINALLY: Wheelhouse 9 & Chapbooks on Their Way!

                                                        Tracers, by Uche Nduka (Wheelhouse Press, 2010)

The new issue of Wheelhouse, issue 9, is soon to be published.  Proofs are finally heading out the door to authors, and chapbooks that will be released alongside the new issue are finally being finalized with authors.  Wheelhouse 9 has been delayed twice by illness, and so our apologies to the contributors and to our readers.  But we promise the wait will be worth it, with work in the journal from several new (as of yet not widely published) authors, as well as contributions from:

Rachel Zolf
Ben Friedlander
Tina Darragh
Bill Allegrezza 
C.J. Martin
Brenda Iijima
Julian Brolaski
Michael Leong
Barbara Jane Reyes
Ann Gorrick
Caleb Puckett
Paul Siegell

and several others.  Features include a special reprint of the PRESS Anthology 2009, new film and animation, sound work, essays/reviews on the work of Lourdes Vazquez, and several political action updates.  

New chapbooks are forthcoming as well.  The first, to be released just ahead of the new issue, will be Tracers by Uche Nduka.  Soon after that titles from Felino Soriano, Stan Apps, Laura Carter, Geoffrey Gatza, and Elizabeth Kate Switaj will roll out.  

On behalf of the Wheelhouse editors, thanks much for your patience.  We're looking forward to throwing fistfuls of new text at you.

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